Monday, May 31, 2010

In-memorial of 豆豆

this picture took i think the first day we bought him back in Oct 2006!!
and he was so tiny that time..
and suddenly he rest in peace on 28 May 2010.. he was only 4 yrs old..
that morning before we depart to penang for our holiday..
the guy came and pick up both 豆豆 and Max for boarding..
even though 豆豆 was short but he was happily jumping up to the car.. (that was the last sight we had with him).. the guy called us said he can't breath properly at around 4pm somthing.. and the next call we got around 6pm++ was the bad news about his death!! this news was real shock to us.. I can't digested it when dada told me about it..
really feel sad about that.. I always don't like this feeling..
for the 4 years with us..
he make us laugh & make us angry sometimes..
he enjoy accompany..
he love playing..
he love eating.. (specially our food)
he was smart..
he was ugly but very adorable..
豆豆.. we will always remember you!!

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