Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weird Thoughts~

recently I find myself very good in 胡思乱想 meaning I have so many funny and weird thoughts and thinking.. previously I will not behave like this.. but not sure why recently i notice i did.. is it due to the postnatal depression??
for example(s):
While I am driving my car.. I will think what "if" i meet an accident.. then how will be my baby?? he got no milk milk to drink!!! who going to take care of him??? etc
what if suddenly Malaysia got earthquake and my house collapse.. and I am still hugging my baby and feeding him... then i will go die.. and my baby still survive..
But, i realized all the thoughts are more related to what if anything happened to me.. and worry about my baby..
Is it all mummies also gone through this?? Do share with me if you do and leave a comments here.. so I won't feel i am so weird and might have 神经病!!!


Unknown said...

Take a deep breathe and relax... tell yourself everything just gonna be alright.... ;)

Irish said...

I think you worry too much. Relax yourself. You will suffer depression if you are too worried on all these ya... Take care


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