Friday, April 2, 2010

Marcus is now 6 months old!!

Time flies really fast... Today baby Marcus is now 6 months & 1 week old.. 8.25kg & 69cm.. let mama update what have your achieve over the time.. now you are able to rolling over both directions (from back to tummy and from tummy to back again!!) so mama.. always worry you will drop from the bed.. so now mama must make sure you enjoy your play time over the floor instead on the bed!!
Raking motion
he can sit like a 8 months old baby.. sitting up right with the correct posture for at least few minutes.. sometimes can really sit quite long before fall down..
you can sit and reach out for your toys..
you are bouncing and bend your legs..
you are able to swap object from hand to hand.. specially your favorite toys.. and then munching it like it is so delicious..
grabs feets and bring it to mouths.. look like it is really so yummy!!
wave rattles..
talking to your toys..
now you are more confident over stranger... you will stay calm instead of crying it out loud like in 4 months time...
he will play pee a boo with mama
you creeping on stomach once and move about 50cm in front
stuck up your buttock high high like you going to move forward..
you are able to sleep through the nite
my new toys!!! they are so yummy!!
love your laughter so much!!
hello.. welcome to my playground!!!
mama is so proud of you Marcus!!! mucks!!!

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