Monday, April 12, 2010

Paklon Playmat - Cobyhaus Mat - Review

we need a mat for baby marcus coz he need to learn to enjoy his time on the floor for safety purpose, also to learn to roll over.. later on sit.. creeping on stomach.. then crawl.. so it is better for him to play on a mat.. it is easier to roll over than on the bed..
in fact previously I have bought another mat for baby marcus.. those ABC type of puzzle mat.. but we found it not so nice to use.. as when we need to do cleaning the pieces will all drop but most importantly when baby learn to roll over from tummy to back.. his head will knock on the mat and the ABC puzzle mat is not so soft.. so everytime he roll over then he will cry coz knocked his head and pain....
I notice there is another type of mat from which they called it Green playmats.. but is was really expensive about RM500-RM900 depends on the size.. we visited the motherhood fair in midvalley last month.. and the only thing we bought from there was this cobyhaus mat.. it is the same as the Green playmats.. the material is real soft.. even if sleep on top also ok.. one piece and colorful, eco friendly etc.. we bought at fair price it is only RM399.. a very good buy.. and we have place it and everyday baby marcus will play on the mat!!!
haha.. as usual he need to be my little model for photo shooting.. haha.. and this time see is pose this super cute kawaii pose for mama to shoot photo leh.. haha.. cute hor??
mama.. wat are you doing on top??
i am now enjoying on tummy on this soft mat..
big smile!!!

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