Tuesday, April 20, 2010

baby food preparation

firstly mama will wash clean clean all the vegi and fruits.. then steam until it is very cooked! (baby still young so all food must cooked!!)
then mama will take all the utensil and put and rinse with boil water to kill germs!!
mama will express the breast milk to be mixed with the puree later
mama is making the puree now.. put the steamed vegi/fruit on the food processor and make through a very fine nett.. so the food is small and smooth for you to "mam mam"...
once ready.. then mama will mix some baby rice powder and the expressed breast milk with the vegi puree food..
dang da da dang!! ur food is ready to be served!!
so happy to see baby marcus smile while eating.. but it is still a battle everyday to make u happy and eat.. you might be tired and complaint.. you might be too full and dont want to eat.. so many might be.. mama also don't know how sometimes.. but always tell myself.. i must be patient.. later on baby marcus will love eating for sure!!!

1 comment:

MDOB said...

scary eh. so much of work for a baby. =.=


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