Friday, March 12, 2010

First Semi Solid Food Introduction!!

get him to sit on his bamboo chair and wait to feed him his very first semi solid organic brown rice cereal.. gave him a fork to play with also..
baby marcus.. this is your first meal!!! mama purposely shoot a picture for you to see in future...
mama even make up a introductory food chart.. so mama know what exactly to feed you everyday.. and mama want to make sure you have try variety of fruits and vegetable.. diff taste and texture..
I learned from Ai Ling that there are few rules we need to follow when come to first semi solid introduction:-
1. only baby rice - no other cereal
2. only 1 table spoon of new food on first day of introduction
3. new food must give 3 days in a roll
4. only 1 new food at a time (to see whether baby is okay with the food or not)
5. food must be fully cooked (steamed)
6. better to be a vegetarian under age 1 (avoid allergy)
7. meal time must be around 11am-1pm (so if baby got allergy or wat we have time to seek medication advice)

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