Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you know fully breast feed baby might not have frequent Poo Poo??

ops.. baby Marcus.. mama already blurring the photo so other ppl cannot see so clearly your bird bird.. hahaha

Come to my surprise that many people don't know that Fully Breastfeed baby might not have poo everyday.. and some might have no pass any motion for 7 days or more..
first, I encounter this is is about 2 1/2 months time.. baby Marcus suddenly no more poo poo.. from one day few times to don't have any poo!!! I am so worries.. so I called Ai Ling.. and she told me.. ops.. she forgot to tell me.. breastfeed baby might not poo poo for 7 days.. so.. I am at least not so worry after been told.. but still there is some worries.. maybe first time encounter it and as a new parents really scare anything goes wrong..
2 days pass.. still no poo.. then i called Ai Ling again.. then she told me to eat more.. so that baby Marcus has something to poo.. told me to eat more rice.. drink squeezed orange juices.. eat cheese cakes.. oats.. etc... in short, more carbohydrate food!! so I tried and I waited day by day.. and baby Marcus still no poo but his fart become very smelly and he passes so much wind everyday.. until the 7th day still got no poo poo.. as i am getting pressure from friends and family.. since they are not fully breastfeed baby before and they don't know about this.. i start hearing sentence like this "it is not healthy.. baby must poo everyday".. " breastfeed baby will poo few times a day.. how come your baby is not pooing? It is not healthy".. "what?? you no give him water??? You must give water so he can poo!!".. then I become more and more worry and I bring him to see doctor..
then, the nurse asked me "why did I come to see doctor??" ..
"Oh.. coz my baby got no poo!!" I answered..
"oh.. is it fully breast feed baby??" she asked
"yes.." I answered
"no worry lah.. normally breastfeed baby is like that!! very common!!" the nurse said.
ops.. now I realize it really seem so common?? She can just tell my baby is exclusively breast feed baby.. The doctor also said the same "it is very normal/common in breastfeed baby" "do not need to worry and if next time he did not pass any motion more than 7 days then only come to visit me" .. then baby Marcus get his vaccine and doctor insert some medicine inside his buttock.. but he cry so pitiful when he is being insert the medicine..
then one day I went to church.. there is a breastfeeding sound proof rooms for babies and mothers.. so I was there and feeding baby Marcus.. and we start chit chat about the pooing problems.. then one of the sister said she has been breastfeed for two babies.. and her daughter now is 1 yrs old and still breastfeeding.. her daughter maximum is 16 days poo once.. so she said it is very normal and don't need to worry about it...
so what we as a mother??? we can eat more as mentioned above... do proper tummy massage and help baby to push "ng.. ng.." no jokes.. it really works.. I see with my eyes the poo come out from his buttock when Ai Ling teach me about the Tummy massage..
now baby Marcus pass motion few days once.. maximum 7 days once.. so doctor and Ai Ling both told me.. if baby passes wind and stomach is not hard.. then it should be no problems..

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