Friday, February 26, 2010

Tummy Time!!

Did you know that "tummy time" is very important to a baby? I was told to let baby marcus to have his "tummy time" twice a day everyday about 5 min since he was 2 months old.. Tummy time exercise can stimulates baby both mentally and physically.. he also can see the world from a different perspective..
from the beginning.. baby marcus really don't like tummy time as he will cry every time mama put him on his tummy.. "baby marcus... mama let you on your tummy also want you to be good and prepare you to crawl later and strengthen your muscles!!" But, now he can lying on his tummy for quite sometimes.. lift his head up high and he able to reach his hand out to grab the toys in front of him..
now, everyday encouraging him to turn over on his own then he can enjoy his own tummy time.. the day before... when he was on his tummy.. he is pushing himself to front.. wow.. seem like start crawling soon.. so cute.. he trying to push his leg and his buttock will lift up and move in front little bit.. haha.. baby marcus... well done!! mama help you Jia You!! Jia You!!
mama is so proud of you!!

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