Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marcus's milestones - 4 months

This photo taken on 3 Dec 2009.. and baby marcus is still look so small that time..
Today Baby Marcus is 4 months 2 weeks 3 days..
he should be weight around 7.6kg or more..
he just can't stop playing around with his own hands..
he is able to grab anything in front or at the side of him and wave it..
holding the toys from one hand and pass to another hand and put into his mouth...
he start to like playing the "I drop you pink up" game...
he start looking at his legs now..
his new style now is crossing his legs while feeding time..
he is now able to recognize faces.. and will cry if any stranger nearer to him..
he can sit with little support..
he can rock like an Aeroplane when on his tummy..
he is making all kind of voices..
he can laugh out loud..
he has more define emotions..
he is so cute!!!

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