Friday, January 8, 2010

1st training for sleep through the night..

Previously.. my baby when 1 month plus.. tried few times he sleep through the nights.. about 7-8 hours without waking up for milk.. and normally about once only during the night.. but these few days he is waking up like every 2 hours or 3 hours for milk.. so that day when my baby visit.. I asked Ai Ling.. what wrong with it.. and just after i finished my questions she answered me because he has not enough milk during day time.. and must try to delay the milk time during the night.. if not he will just stick with this pattern until he is 1 years old..

So I am a bit worry and then I tell myself I need to try train him to sleep through the night and just pat him to drag the time longer for feeding during the night.. I though it will be tough and he will cry cry non-stop.. but surprisingly, he did very well.. I just make sure he really drink a lot before he go to sleep.. how much?? I also not sure.. just know he will drink both side of my milk and then change his diaper and feed him again until he really deep sleep..

Yesterday night.. decided not to feed baby Marcus on 3am.. Come to my surprise that.. he can really not drink milk milk.. as normal he start to "yi yi ye ye" around 3am.. he want milk milk.. then i go and take him from his cot and I sayang sayang him a bit.. then i see him no crying or wat.. then i put him on my bed and i try to pat him to sleep.. and he just make some noise like complaining and then go to sleep.. and he just move move a bit bit.. and I just keep patting him whenever he move.. without realize i also fall asleep.. and the next time he cry for milk is around 5am.. yes.. I am so happy... its work on the first night!! 7 hours of sleep!!

so tonight will try again.. hope he can sleep through the nights soon!!

baby marcus.. mama love you so much... and mama also feel heart pain pain when see you cry.. but mama really want everybody to be rest well.. so sorry!! hope you soon to get used to it..


Vickylow said...

Oh already start wean off his mightnite milk huh. My boy just turn on 8 mths, still sucking 2-3 times a night. Never think of wean off as this is the only chance he latch on me for the whole day. My supply is more compared with my eldest girl time, so I'm too lazy to pump out middle of the nite. It's better let him do the clearing job keke

YvOnNe Fong said...

oh.. trying.. I most of the time let him latch on me.. coz I am working from home now.. but feel heart pain also when see him cry.. :(

Vickylow said...

It's too soon you trying to wean him off as he yet start solid. Furthermore bm very thin compare to formula. That why when my fren ask while her fren son can wean off mightnite milk but her son can't? Then I answer her coz you fully breastfeed so he can disgest weel and get hungry fast. Her fren's boy is formula feed bb.

My eldest girl wean off during 2+mths because she is mix feed baby. She been feed formula on her last milk. So she can hang longer as need more time to digest.

Just my 2 cents, no offence.

YvOnNe Fong said...

haha.. I also know that.. but since the midwife said is okay.. so I just do it.. and actually he is not very hungry.. and he didnot cry at all and I just pat him he go back to sleep.. if he really cry.. I sure offer him to latch already... I tak sampai hati also... hahaha.. what a complicated feeling


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