Friday, December 4, 2009

Product Review - Mom'sLittle One Bottles..

you won't believed I got 18 bottles of this "mom's little one bottles" .. this bottle can fit well onto the Madela pump.. that's why is very convenient to use and pricing is comparably cheaper than other BPA Free types of bottles.. so it is a good buy if you plan to have breast feeding..

why need so many?? Normally.. I will used two bottle at one time when I do pumping.. and one each time when do direct breast feeding.. and each of the bottle I used I will sterilize before and after using it.. so gone through the night.. you won't want to wash bottles and sterilize it right middle of the night?? Some more there are at least 5-6 bottles of milk in the fridge.. so roughly there all the bottles will be in used!! :)

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