Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love the way that he/she feel being loved!!

Long long time ago.. actually it is not long ago.. just two years ++ back.. before my wedding.. we went to attend our pre-marriage class and this is a message that I got during the class.. which I think it is very important in a relationship!! So though of sharing it with all of you here!!

first.. you need to know communication to each other and to understand what is their love language.. "Man" and "Woman"'s has very different love language.. and please don't waste time using your own love language to love the other party.. if the other party might not be able to receive your love as you think.. thus.. understand what is their need and love it the right way!!

for example.. some "big man".. they will feel being love if his house is organized & clean.. someone prepared delicious dinner.. whatsoever.. so woman.. if you do the way that he will feel being love.. then you will save a lot of time by just doing it right.. if woman do little cards, small gift etc.. the "man" won't feel it.. The same thing goes with woman too.. for woman.. they like "little gift".. "concern".. "a call in busy life to ask how are you??" "a lovely hug" etc.. and if man don't understand and keep on love the wrong way.. so the woman will be hard to feel she is being "loved"..

as a conclusion.. understand what is your partner's need.. and how they will feel being loved.. and do it accordingly.. and you will find you that it is so easy and effective..

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