Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Christmas in New House & with Baby Marcus

This is our very first Christmas in our newly "home sweet home".. also our very first Christmas with my baby Marcus..
see me and my lovely baby Marcus.. he is now so so so chubby.. haha.. This Christmas tree is just set up two day before Christmas day..
our family photo.. got deer deer papa and deer deer baby and the beautiful Santa mama..
the little angles "from left: Isaac, Anabel, Abigail"
Happy Family of Kitaro & Constance
Danny yap & Chen Chen & their little Isaac
the lovely newly wedded couples!!
every year we will have gathering together to celebrate Christmas.. this year is a bit special.. we have friends from US who came back (Ebet and family) who joined us for this special day too.. also, we do it at our new house as a Christmas party + House Warming + Baby Party for Marcus!! 3 in 1.. And I like this as we have comfortable place and space to chit chat and time.. and it is much cheaper and taste nice as compare to dine out..

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