Thursday, December 31, 2009

Conclude for Year 2009!!

Today the last day of 2009.. I have the practice to write a conclusion or a review of every year..
This year I had really experience a lot of things.. which I haven't really recover from the sadness of losing my first baby in 2008.. and I am pregnant again on Feb 09.. then the feeling of worrying come in to my life.. the most difficult times I think is during 3-4 months of pregnancy.. but Thank GOD.. I have gone through it and my baby was born safely on 26 Sep 09.. which this is really a big change in my life.. change of habit of life.. everything changed..

Then going through my confinement and I experience the most ever lost of myself with my postnatal depression.. It is really difficult times.. it is like a nightmare!! which I don't wish to gone through again!! I hope I can recover soonest possible!! Also, a new "home sweet home".. thank you to my DaDa.. I know he really spend a lot of time and heart in this new home..

Now, I want to Give Thanks to GOD for everything he Guided me and Gave Me!!
I want to Give Thanks to my Dada for the love, time, sweet home he has gave me..
I want to Give thanks to all my friends who support me and listen to me in my tough times..
I want to give thanks to everything that I have right now!!!

Sorry to myself, sorry to my Dada, sorry to my friends, sorry to my family.. if this year I have done anything that hurt you.. I really don't meant it...

Now, looking forward to 2010.. and hope it will be a bright and good year ahead!!!

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