Wednesday, December 30, 2009


first time ever.. I want to made 汤圆 for 冬至。。 so when I went to pasar to buy vegi.. i come across the "Tepung Pulut".. then i realized 冬至 is coming.. so I also bought one pack of it even though i don't know how to make 汤圆.. so end up.. I really dont know how to make it.. so msn to ask my friend Linien (thank you for telling me how to make it).. and she double check with her mum and told me how to make it.. and it fact it is really simple!!
just mixed the tepung pulut with water and sugar.. and massage it.. the longer the better.. then boil normal water and put in the 汤圆 into it.. and wait it until it is cooked.. take it out and put into the soup we had prepared.. however, I found that it is not sweet enough.. so i modified a bit the recipe.. i put in some gula melaka in the middle of the 汤圆.. and it taste really good after its cooked.. the gula melaka melt within it and when we bite it it come out and mixed with the soya.. due to my house dont have pandan leave.. so I cant boild those tradisional 汤圆 soup.. thus I replace it with organic soya milk and I don't make it sweet.. sugar free.. taste really fantastic for me.. not as sweet as those selling outside yet.. and most importantly it is more healthy and it is my very first 汤圆汤圆~~团团圆圆~ :)

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