Monday, December 21, 2009

My Poor Little Marcus!!

We went for our first vaccine at Sunway Medical Center on 2 Nov 09.. and he got two injections and one oral (Rota Virus)..

After back from the Hospital.. he start to has a bit fever.. and he look so pity.. I see also heart pain pain..

Baby Marcus is a good and strong boy.. when doctor inject.. he just cry for one second..

I see also I feel want to cry together with him.. but I keep tell Baby Marcus and myself.. vaccination is good for health.. and I tahan it.. haha..

And from this I learned that our old thinking to wear more clothes and put on the blanket for him is wrong.. we actually need to let him to wear as little as possible when he is having fever.. so that the hit can let go from him body.. so.. i fast fast went to the shop to buy the cool fever to put on his tiny forehead..

baby marcus.. mama luv u!!! be well forever!!

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