Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Marcus Month 1

I am so happy to date my baby Marcus is now 53 days old!! And I want to share with you all some of the photos of my "cutest"
& "healthy" baby Marcus.. his face become more and more chubby!!! Feed well with my breast milk!!! hahaha...
To all aunties and uncles.. I am growing each everyday!!!
sun bathing coz i am a bit jaundice...
aiyo.. I want to eat my fingers...
nice sunny day!!!...
nice sleep... I need a wrap to feel secure!!
this is my favourie post.. he is super cute when we help him to burp!!! his face chubby from day 1.. or even when he is still inside my tummy.. the ultrasound can see he has a chubby face!!!
do not disturb!!! ZZzzzZZzZz
ops.. 18XS
what mummy is doing?? wrap me like this???
yummy sleep hor??
oh.. what mummy is holding leh???
burbing time again!!
see his head is so small compare to the hand!!
so happy!!! always want to take his laugh or smile pic.. but hard!!
sleeping time again!!
so nice to be hold!!

very pity him sometimes.. he need to be my super little models!!!
i am very tired lah!!!
oi oi zhu!!!
small little mouth!!! see my eyes getting bigger loh!!
baby.. you shu shu is it??
close one eyes posing for mymmy!!
i don't want take picture already lah!!!
oh.. face getting chubbier!!
see got diff with the previous burb pic?

I am thinking!!!


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