Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Marcus in details!!

sometimes I really pity my little super model!!! hehe.. he has to be my model since this mummy so crazy about him and so crazy about baby photography!!! here you go.. a few more photos my my dearest and cutest baby Marcus... mami.. why you hold the black color thing again???
can you see his body hair?? now no more loh!!!
aiyo.. I dont like lah!!
hehe.. let me pose my favorite pose while i am inside my mammy's tummy!!
his big big nose and "m" mouth.. which is the only thing ppl said look alike me..
now.. he is the "central of universe" at least for me and dada..
his tiny legs.. I like it so much!!
ops.. little hand.. both hand and legs look like me.. long long fingers & toes..
this one got more meat hor??
this photo is blur.. but still very meaningful... his cord is dropped off on 3 oct 09..
hehe.. nice pose baby!!
ops.. little legs again.. hehe.. censored.. 18sx
I want to hold your hand forever!!!
hehe.. i like this one too!!
again his hair...

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