Friday, October 2, 2009

The Official Introduction of Baby Marcus :)

Ultrasound... this is before I came out to this world oh!!! I am 20 weeks old at this video time...
ong ah.. ong ah!!!
hmmm... he must be dreaming...
Hello every aunties & uncles.. I give u a little smile here!!!

Name: Marcus Chan Yun Hao (陈允浩)
Date of Birth: 26 September 2009
Sex: Prince / Boy
Birth weight: 2.81kg
Birth Length: 4 8cm
Head circumference: 31cm
The Doctor who delivered me: DrTan Chin Soon
Blood group: O RH: Positive

This is all about me oh!!! PaPa Mama... I Luv U!!!

1 comment:

jamiemama said...

congrats mama yvonne! rest to the max!


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