Sunday, October 11, 2009

Factors to suceessful breast feeding!!

Now I realized there are few factors really influence the quantity of the milk supply.. and if we avoid these we can really have a lot of breast milk to feed our baby!! so, all mother and mother to be.. please read this yeah and try to do your best for your baby!!!

1st - you must be really DETERMINE that you want to breast feed!! as my previous post.. psycho yourself and tell your self you have NO OTHER CHOICE and MUST breast feed your baby yourself!!! better if you can stay with your baby and sleep with your baby in the same room possible.. if you are having a confinement lady or helper and you want to rest well.. so ask the confinement lady/helper every time baby looking for milk MUST "bring to you".. Why I say so??? from day 1- 9, I have a lot of supply... but from day 10.. due to my deep depression problem.. my confinement lady suggest to bring the baby to the other room to sleep with her and let my hubby to sleep together with me.. and the 3am night feed she will give her bottle (the expressed milk from me which store in the fridge).. from there on my extra/additional milk supply from 16oz drop half immediately to 8oz only.. and it getting lesser and lesser day by day...

2nd - Positive thinking - you must keep tell yourself you have a lot a lot a lot of milk.. even though is it still not a lot.. but keep tell yourself you have a lot and it is on the way.. and you will get more and more supply.. for this one..
not only you have to stay positive thinking but the people around you including your hubby, your parents, your in laws, your confinement lady are also playing a very important role and the words they said also have very big influence on your milk supply!!! so, tell all the people who is around you during your confinement to give you support on breast feeding.. and keep tell you.. "you have a lot of milk" and praise you about your hard work and give all the support they can possible... this is important.. ask them DON'T even DOUBT whether you have enough milk or not!!! (as I mentioned in the previous blog.. is okay to give formula if you have not enough.. so they don't need to worry about this)
Ok.. now give you some example - how people around you influence your milk supply... there is a friend if mine who stay in together with in laws or theier own parents.. always will have less milk supply.. you know why?? Coz In laws or grandpa and grandma always give negative comments like is my grandchild have enough milk or not?? or they will said why your milk so little?? all these negative influence the milk supply directly.. This is a real life example, my friend IVY.. who is having confinement by her mother in laws (MIL), so the MIL ever-time when she breast feed the baby is standing at the side giving negative comments and opinion.. "you got no enough milk la"... " give him/her (the baby) formula milk la"... etc.. this indirectly give her a pressure every time she want to breast feed.. and in her mind was thinking "am I really got not enough milk???" thus, she really have less supply.. But, next month when she back to her own home/house to nurse her baby.. without the negative influence.. surprisingly she having much more milk than during confinement period!!!
Example 2: another friend of mine.. Constance.. she is doing confinement together with her own mother.. this is her second baby girl.. for the first baby.. she has just enough for her baby during confinement period... so in her mind.. she was thinking she has little milk.. and also her mother was telling her that breast feed is very difficult la.. you will be very tired la.. you have not enough of rest la if you breast feed your baby.. and ask her to give her formula milk lah.. so her milk supply for her second baby is really little!!
so see the difference already??? Lucky, I have very supportive hubby and a superb good confinement lady (CL) which always give me positive thnking and keep telling me I will have damn lot of supply!!!

3rd - Don't offer bottle to your baby if possible!! feed him directly from your breast.. why I say so?? firstly, you baby maybe will refuse to your breast of they get used to the bottle.. as they can get full faster and easier.. but, this can be solved if you buying a better bottle.. like those baby need to really suck then only the milk will come out... for this I didn't mean about this.. actually the "bottle" can really influence your mind.. and you will have less milk supply or even have no milk at all!!!
This is my own experience.. as I told you before.. I every insist to breast feed my baby directly every time he want to be feed!! even, is there is friend coming and in front of them.. i just don't care.. and I will feed my baby.. this is how determine I am.. but slowly.. my mind think wrongly without I realized it.. ok.. how is this goes?? I have a lot of milk supply and keep storing everyday about 7-9oz and maximum is 16oz a day into the freezer.. and I will start telling my confinement lady... I want to rest and sleep.. I want to do some work.. my friends is here.. so next feed please heat the milk inside the fridge to feed the baby with bottle.. without realizing it.. my mind changed and thinking wrongly.. so the milk supply is getting lesser and lesser day by day.. from extra milk until no extra milk.. and until I wake up I want to pump the milk out.. no matter how I pump also don't have even I just had a good rest.. not even reach quarter oz.. how scary it is!!! I was so worried and cried!!! until, I think what wrong with it.. and I realized the reason.. then I asked the confinement lady and I insist I want to feed my baby myself.. :( too bad.. I have to start all over to get my milk supply back.. and I have to gone through again with the pain of baby sucking really hard as no much milk supply.. and sore nipple and etc.. so, please make sure your mind of right from beginning until the end.. so you won't suffer the same like me!!!

In conclusion, all is about what you want!! if you really want to if the best to your baby.. so, be have the right "mind".. I can DO it!! YOU can DO it too!!!

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