Monday, August 10, 2009

Gathering @ Enoch House 9 Aug 09

This is second time doing pot luck at Enoch's house... but this round we have more people.. not only from KL but also from Singapore.. 3 lovely families coming from Singapore to gathering with us.. haha.. quite happy and enjoyable one!!!
Fried rice sponsored by Chee Wei & Gina
Yummy duck duck from Kitaro's family
lala & Hokkien mee from Jacky & Yvonne
"ko lok yuk" from Chee Wei & Gina
all the veggies is home cook by Enoch's maid

yeah.. we love sambal and chilies
Enoch and his cutest baby Matthias~
everyone is hungry lor.. and start eating
eat and eat and eat~~
@@@~~we are best friend~~@@@

i am dancing oh~
Ren Siang look fat already!! Yow still same look same look
Yummm Sengggg!!!
I can really drink... don't play play ar
lovely bride and bridegroom to be~
u don't see my photo right?? I merajuk and ask Chee Wei " the real photographer" to shoot this pic for me one... so pity hor???
chit chatting and bull shitting session~
happy family photo~~
happy family!!
aiyo.. i am learning to post the "v".. i still cannot control my fingers properly leh...
group group photos... only this photo can see Su Hwee.. coz she very busy taking care of baby Matthias!!!

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