Monday, July 6, 2009

July Birthday Babies~

These are my secondary schoolmates.. once a while we will have gathering in KL either makan makan or karaoke.. this time we have karaoke buffet dinner at Neway Puchong~
About a year we did not go karaoke together loh~ hehe... we organised one this time and celebrate birthday for all July babies~~ all pretty girls right???
aiyo... i am so so fat~~ :(
my dada and me!!!
July birthday babies.. from left: Pei Lee, Chui Ting, Me, Taw Onn
Pei Lee and Chui Ting still blur blur when we said celebrate all birthday for July.. they though only celebrate for me.. hahaa.. maybe is a surprise to them!!
they pretending like Taiwanese cutie girls~~ funny right??
me and dada... lo0k at his funny face~~

come! we pretend cutie also~

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