Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dreams = Reality????

Talking about dreams.. I had a nightmare again yesterday...
I always thinking... is dream sometimes actually reflecting your subsconcious mind??

Dreams = Reality????

Following is always repeating dreams for me:-
  1. SPM/STPM Mathematic Exam --> I realise that when I have this dream is the time when my work is stress out...
  2. Going to Pasar to work --> kind of nightmare for my childhood, will always shout and wake up..
  3. Dream of A Ma --> sometimes is the scene that A Ma was really sick and pass away... normally I will cry and waken up by Jacky... Sometimes is the scene that when I was young and when we were at Haji Manan...
  4. Latest repeated dreams: Dream of I get pregnant again --> and in the dream I lost my baby again... just yesterday night, I had the same dream.. similar stories but different scenario...

I realise that all my repeated dreams are related to my real life... and it either something I really care for or somethings that give me a bad experience about it... although I am not thinking about it.. but, why is always in my dream? is it because it was programmed deep inside my subconscious mind already???

Fear.. sadness.. disappointment.. helpless..

GOD, please give me strength to overcome the fear inside me.. I will be better off for sure with Your leads...


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sis,

Dreams are a reflection of our innermost fears and wishes. You are most brave to say your innermost fears out loud here. It's the right move and thing to do. Dont coop things up to yourself. You will have the strength to overcome all fears and that your wish will come true.

Just live a little, and relax. It's good that you are talking things out, and let jie know anytime you need someone to talk to. At times, we just need to talk things out.

Have faith!
Jie is here with you!


Anonymous said...

Hey fren,

You need dreams. It is basically for your mind to 'defragment' like what computers need to do. That is when all images/scenes/daily encounters will emerge in your mind. And most obvious ones are those that you have strong feelings upon.

Seems like your dreams really boils down to FEARS. Those fears that you have YET to confront it. These fears and the scenarios will stay in your sub-conscious mind all the while. When you are having the similar fear again, it will trigger off the scenarios (of what have happened to you previously) eg:

SPM/STPM Maths means stress to you.
When you are stress, will trigger this scenes

Going to pasar to work. Seems like you dont like this one. You hated this and you feared it too much. That's why you are always pushing all the way in whatever things that you do, so that you will never have to end up working in pasar

Dreams of Ah Ma during her sickly period. It carved deeply in you, as what I said above, those with strong feelings/images will keep showing out.

The scene that you were young at Haji Manan, it is when you are happy, I suppose. This will leave impact on you especially when you are a kid, same like me. Happy/super sad/very feared moments can be remembered after too long from small till now. If it is a happy ones, let it stay. And keep repeat this event in you.

Dream of you getting pregnant, similar case. You are too afraid to get pregnant again cos fear of the consequences. Please understand that whatever happened is just accident. There is always a bright bright side to look upon. Try to let go, relax more as what Sherm said. If you can let go and confront those sad memories, I'm sure you will have happier life.

Talk things out, dont just keep keep keep, like what you usually do.

I am no Segmund Freud or Carl Jung, but I do know bits and pieces about dreams la. But dont fully trust me though.

Again, have faith in yourself that you can do it as I do have faith in you :)


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