Sunday, December 7, 2008

Year 2008....感慨

Times really flies too fast until I can't catch it.. even doesn't feel it went through.. is so intangible.. here we're now.. end of 2008..

So many things happened this year... Really a very tough year for me to go through.. It is most properly the WORST I had ever experienced in my life for the past 26 years... :(

Experience of hope, happy, and turn into emotions like lost, disappointments, fear, heartache, anxiety, inferiority, guilt, emptiness... However, it seem like a "test" to me.. and I was glad I have "pass" or gone through it.. and I have learn thing in a hard way.. and I am still learning.. And THANK U to my DaDa.. who gone through these together with me.. not forgotten all my lovely friends too... thank you for your concern and support along the way...

Many things happened beyond our "control".. what we have to learn is to "ACCEPT" and the powerful term I learn from Dr Muruga's training "I CHANGE"... Also, I watch a Hong Kong TVB drama.. inside there is a phrase, which I think is very meaningful too.. "不要因为失去而哭,应该为曾经有而笑"

Now, I am looking forward to a beautiful ending of Year 2008.. which I am going to New Zealand two days later.. and I will spent rest of this year there...

I will tries my best for the upcoming year 2oo9.. hope it will be a smooth year for me :)

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Kelly Koh said...

Lessons and experinces we learn today will help us tomorrow.
Instead, we should always think positively...Good things will always be with you.



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