Saturday, December 6, 2008

My New ToY!!! Tokina 11-16 f/2.8
Hehe.. I am so happy that I'm able to get this lens just in time before my trip to New Zealand next week. Previously was wondering which one to buy and got to do some finance budgeting, that's why wait until last minutes only go to the shop in Pudu to search for this lens, however, they said this lens is too popular until is "out of stock" and the stock will come in only one month later.. Initially I though I have no choice to buy the older version of this lens.. But I was thinking to find it in Hong Kong or some other shops...
But, I didn't make decision immediately, I asked my Hong Kong colleague Danny to help me to check the price and stock in Hong Kong, surprisingly Hong Kong also run "out of stock" for this lens. Also, my Indonesia colleague also told me he didn't see any shop in Jakarta too.

Finally, my 1st "Si Fu" Brian said Singapore got this lens.. I was so grateful and happy about this, and he help me to bought this lens today and pass to my friend Ren Siang as so coincidentally he is coming to KL on Monday.. everything is just in time and perfect.. I am super super happy!! Prize is SGD 890.00

So cute this lens..

So I will use this lens to take the fabulous scenery of New Zealand..

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