Friday, November 28, 2008

New Zealand.. We're Coming!!!

Nervous... worry... happy.. can't wait anymore.... excited... 10 days to go..


Really long time didn't go for holiday... more than a year... (the last holiday is last year Oct 07 @ Korea)

The time is approaching nearer and nearer... and all sort of feeling and emotion within my mind now.. positive and negative.. all mix together.. Happy :) and excited because we are going for holiday very soon.. worry because I still haven't finalize my itinerary yet.. already have the big picture route map but not in details of each stops what are we going to do there.. No worry.. everything will sort out on its way..

OK.. now need to get ready of my camera for some breathtaking pictures.. Ops.. need to buy my wide angle lens by this week... really "pok kai"... :(

We also feel happy that going to meet our friends in Auckland..

NEW ZEALAND!!!! WE'RE COMING !!! Yeah.. Yeah.. Yeah..

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