Friday, November 21, 2008

The Man Made City ~ Dubai ~

Just got back from business trip at Dubai.. This is my first time there in Middle East.. don't know about their culture.. when first there and meeting Arab.. I'm not sure should I shake hand with them? It is new and interesting market for me to explore.. I hope I will be able to do something out of it.. GAMBATEH!
As if you asked me about my impression of this "Man Made City" is "EXPENSIVE!!!".."Wonderful building"(tall and beautiful one.. can you imagine it is on the desert?? I can't see sand at all..coz I am not out of town at all) "Fantastic landscape".. "Traffic Jam".. "Themed Shopping Malls" (I been to "Mall of The Emirates; where there is ski..", "IBN Battuta Mall; 6 countries Theme", "Souk Madinat Jumeirah; something like Venice and got boats"...
Top: Ski in a desert? Bottom: where we sit boat...

this seem the only photo of myself.. thank you to my colleague Michael de Castro..

From Top: "Burj Al Arab", "Tallest building", one of the Theme in IBN Battuta Mall

Took this when we are in the teksi... The Altrantis..

construction is everywhere.. and see the highway and buildings..

Top: this is my room.. I just recover from jet lag and now got to adjust again to Malaysia time :(
Bottom: I was not allowed to go out of the air craft when stop over at Karachi.. 1st time ever experience this and there the cleaners coming in to clean the craft before boarding for the new customers.. funny..
This is Nik from TM, lucky to have him sitting next to me.. else maybe i need to sit with "smelled" Pakistanis..

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