Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun and Effective Tranning

24 & 25 November 08, I participated a training by Dr Muruga and Dr Malar (they are actually husband and wife, where husband do the fun part and the wife do the theory part).. Title of the training is "10 Tools for highly Effective Managers" which I really learn a lot from them and I am impress with their way of conducting the training to be so fun and interesting.. The setup of the training place is like a construction place with hamper, tool box, etc...

Here are some tools I learned:-

I want to be a Leader instead of a Manager... with the V.I.S.I.O.N.

Inspire Followers
Shared Goals
Innovative Practices
Opportunity Driven
Nurther their Growth

Have to think strategically in everything with ERRC (Eliminating, Reduce, Raise, Create)...

To made wise and informed decision with "ADADA" and "Ishikawa"

Team Building with MR and CARB model...

Role management instead of Time management.. with RAP technique..

LADDER Model for effective listening..

SMARTER in delegating and empowerment..

<-- Me at the training place.. at the left right of the picture is my team members...

<-- Dr Muruga and Dr Malar..

<-- All of the participants..

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