Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Camera bag & Tripod

Why products come to Malaysia will be selling at higher price???
Must be the government taxes a lot.. :(

hehe... but its okay, my colleague will help me to buy it in HK.. and it will save quite a lot on these items.. :D

Delsey OD51
This bag in Malaysia is RM525.. but at HK only HKD700 = RM322 only.. Tripod: Benro A-169 & KB-0A Ball Head
Malaysia price = RM690, HK price = HKD1180 = RM542.80
So total, I can save RM350.20

Thank you to my HK colleage Danny.. he will come to Malaysia next week and pass to me.. :) Yippee!!!!


Huianto said...

Congratz for your new bag and tripod...

Unknown said...

I bring tripod to you, Yvonne ....


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