Monday, October 13, 2008

Year 2007 Review~

Decided to sit down and write something... And if you asked me what happened in Year 2007?? I can't really remember.. so i dig out my 2007's table calender and here you go.. this is my year 2007 review :)

January 07 - went to PTC @ Hawaii from 12/1/07 to 20/1/07.. the picture on the left is the view from my room at Hilton Hawaiian Village.. so nice right?? :P
Nextel Annual Dinner 07: the "mask" night... see my orange mask on my hand?? hmm.. i think if not mistaken is Fuziah help me to buy.. and so "chan" with my clothes hor??? haha..

February 07 - nothing much happening this month.. on my calender is blank.. only written those work meetings and Chinese New Year holiday... I think that time i was busy with my Prehoneymoon booking and planning..

March 07 - 8/3/07 try wedding gaun.. and remember i was sick for few weeks.. why I remembered? Coz.. i did not keep fit very hard and slim down a lot... unhealthy slimming.. DO NOT FOLLOW!!! 31/3/07 photo taking day.. still remember the first photo taken and i almost Faint!!! Photo on the right.. after this photo i almost FAINTED!!! Because I was sick continuosly few weeks.. can't change the date coz my schedule is too tide... :(
you may watch all my photo at
April 07 - happy month.. went to europe for my prehoneymoon :) thank you to my DADA my dear hubby~~ 13/4/07 - 30/4/07 (18 days) went to many many places and all I plan on my own.. Barcelona, Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Switzerland, Swiss Alps, Lucern, Munich, Austria... all sweet memorable places.. and I LOVE EUROPE.. is sooooooo beautiful...
you may see picture at too.
May 07 - 5/5/07 go to Ivory romance to select photo.. and realise how powerful is their persuasive technique to "con" you to upgrade and upgrade.. hahaha... 14/5/07 - 18/5/07 ACC @ Cebu.. my 1st ever time to Philippines.. don't really like it.. feel very unsecure as wherever you went the security will check you and dog will smell you.. 25/5/07 my banquet dinner food testing.. invited a few friends (my neighbour, Kang Nee & Kitaro, etc)
June 07 - 2/6/07 - 3/6/07 attended pre-marriage class.. this let us understand each other even more and know how to deal with conflict management :) good course to go through... the rest my calender all filled up my works and meetings..
July 07 - 4/7/07 took gaun from ivory romance, 6/7/07 my birthday.. but busy with the church decorations, wedding car, preparation and rehearsal.. but my DADA gave me a surprise too.. we are all so busy... but he managed to get someone to go out and bought me a birthday cake.. that time we were all busy inside the church... 7/7/07 my BIG DAY.. so happy but a very tiring day.... I LOVE U my DADA... 14/7/07 KL wedding banquet at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club.. an enjoyable night too... 26/7/07 - 29/7/07 Honeymoon @ Phuket.. happy tomyam everyday.. with Ren Siang, Chen Chen and Kit Zai :)
August 07 - Seem life back to normal.. and my calender only filled up by meeting and meetings...
Sep 07 - Maybe after all the busy life before marriage.. this is a rest month.. only work and work too... :P
Oct 07 - 8/10/07 - 13/10/07 We won a trip to Korea by Winter Time photo competition..
Nov 07 - 3/11/07 realised I am pregnant.. and life continue with work and work..
Dec 07 - nothing much happening to share also...
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