Friday, October 31, 2008

My Teacher; my "Si Fu(s)"

I want to introduce my photography "Si Fu".. I learn a lot from them on how to use my D80 and how to snap photos... THANK YOU MY SI FU...
Teacher number 1:
His name is Brian.. He was my ex-colleague and he is using Canon 40D...
he told me he has 7 lens.. crazy!!!
his website is i like his photos...

Teacher number 2:

His name is Huianto.. my Indonesia's Colleague.. he has the same camera like mines too.. Nikon D80..

He also crazy.. he has 6 lens..

His website is & I like his photo too.. :)


Huianto said...

Aiyooo... Both teachers are crazy.
the student must be crazy too

Anonymous said...

Wah, Yvonne, i dunno i have such honor to be your sifu here. It's my pleasure to share my photography knowledge with u. U do have a good eye for photography, keep on your good work. But one regret is that u didn't choose Canon! Hehe...:)


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