Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dreams.. and Ah Ma

These few days dreaming too much and feel very tired.. I always wonder why human has dreams??? Is it like there is another world beyong our normal life?? And in our life here is the dream of another world?? thinking too much hor?? I also think i think too much.. :) maybe watch matrix too much.. haha

I had this dream yesterday, I dream of my nanny "Nai Ma 奶妈"I always call her "Ah Ma" (In hokkien)... I miss her... and now i realised why I dream of her.. coz the other day I saw a auntie a bit similar to her.. you know those aunite wear?? silky and flowery type of clothes... and got top and pant one..

I feel very thankful that she take care of me... this chinese new year when I was back to my hometown and I heard from my Nai Ma's daughter, many years back after my mother pass away, there was this government wealth fare body's 福利部 come to our house and ask whether want to give us to them to take care.. my Nai Ma refused to.. if not I will be end up at orphanage 孤儿院。。。althought she has left me.. but I will still dream of her always... THANK YOU AH MA

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