Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I got this gadget and tested it myself and a few of my friends too.. all are having great result even with just 1 wash and treatment. Before it launch I still have doubts about this product, but after myself first trial, I can immediately see my pores less visible. My personal result which I observe after using this Lumispa for 2 weeks. 

  1. my skin become more radiant 
  2. my skin become more brighter 
  3. laughing lines become less visible 
  4. pores become smaller 
  5. firmer skin more lifted 
  6. of course very clean and purified 

above picture without any filter and editing, just one wash, can you see the different? It is simply amazing on the effect it has even with just one wash. I really can't imagine how our skin will improved with 2 times a day. 

Another reason I like about this Lumispa is because I don't need make up removal (except for eyes). I can just using this lumispa and kill many birds at once. (remove make up, cleansing, treating at the same time). 

2 minutes wash, 2 times a day, giving me 7 benefits!!! 

I believe this is a gadget that every woman dream to have! 

November pre launching soon!! grabs yours or ask me more questions if you have. Click here 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ONE TWO Lash Review

I bought this from US. It had plenty of good reviews on it and so I thought to give it a try, what if it is really as good as it claim? What if I no need to do eyelash extension or mascara and yet have the same beautiful effect in just seconds? 

The one I bought is Original Lash priced at USD69.00 (ok have to add on shipping fees and also kena tax by custom at Malaysia) so it was around nearly RM400.

The lash packaging is very luxury and heavy... very good quality packaging...

I tried putting it on and most of the review said i need to take a few minutes to maybe over 10 minutes to get the hang of it. Well I tired more than an hour to put them on, to the near perfect I finally get it on.. as near as possible to my eyes lids. . To apply is easy if u keep practising it for a period of time.. however, I don't really like the effect it has on me.. the lash doesn't look natural.. you may see the top picture.. my best ever tried on these lashes.. it look like two straight lashes on it.. the edges is not curvy to my eyes shape..and the end too.. plus the center joining point also look awkward!!! :(

so very normal always i do very very badly on left eyes .. even with mascara or other make up.. maybe due to i am right handed.. hahahaha

so far the best I managed to do it.. from far look ok.. but once u get nearer you will see it not as good compare to mascara or eyelash extension..

apply partly

this is what I mean when u see closely.. 

from side view you also can see it quite obviously not sticked to shape of your lashes and eyes. . 

I am not a everyday make up person.. and pardon on my no filter pictures reviews here.. :P the lash to me is overpriced and also it doesn't as good as it claimed to me.. or maybe I still haven't get to know how to apply it properly.. :) I think I will get back to mascara and once in a blue moon eyelash extension.. to me the effect of natural and pretty very important. 

I hope this review help with some of them whom would like to try this. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Experience of Hurricane Irma

You might be wonder this Yvonne went missing again for weeks. Yes, me and my Marcus boy went to Florida to attend The Avatar Master Course. What a surprise to us is we never expect to experience the strongest ever Hurricane for Florida state in the past 57 years. 

Well, as Malaysian, this is our very first time in life experiencing a Hurricane. We are kind of excited to be honest. :P Marcus is anticipating and imaging a lot what will happen when it hit our area. He has non stop questions about it. 

We also learned what's is Hurricane and what is Tornado. Both has different characteristic to it. So the one we experienced with is Hurricane Irma. We learned together what to do when the wind hit us, i.e. stay away from the window, protect ourselves with blankets or something soft, stock up foods and etc. (well, we never had to do all these back in Malaysia, so we really have no any clue on this)

What surprised me is when I went to Publix (the supermarket) most of the shelves was empty!! Specially those ready to eat food like cans, breads, waters etc. But lucky our hotel is just right opposite a Publix, so we still managed to get waters and foods prior before the Hurricane Irma hit us. 

Above pic is our stocks prepared to welcome Hurricane Irma. hahaha very well prepared right?? :P 
Below is the empty shelves at Publix supermarket. 

The wind and rain start to get stronger even way before hitting Orlando, it started from afternoon time around 2pm, winds get stronger and stronger. Time passes and is night time, we quickly get ourselves showered (might have no water during the storm). then the electric start to went on and off a few rounds then its totally off for almost 30 hours. The winds hit our area is middle of the night time, so we were actually sleeping it through.. hahahaha .. so no much feel in fact! @_@

 after the electricity went off, Marcus boy make a shelter for himself with his friend in between two bed with comforter cover to protect themselves.. haha it looks so fun to him, and he really sleep on the floor with the comforter whole night!!! Just like CAMPING!!!

outside our room window after the electricity went off. 

It is a cool experience to both of us. Maybe we didn't witnessed the strongest point when it pass by Orlando, so it is like a super super heavy rain in KL that might cause trees to falls and flooded. and we can see the whole trees is moving and swinging.. Hotel kept the table inside the swimming pool and kept away all the loose item like chairs etc from outdoor. 

This is basically our summary of this experience. What's most suffering is no electricity for 30 hours, meaning can only eat sandwiches etc. we not getting use to this. Our flights home get delayed a few days due to no seat available. It affected another trips of mine and very heartache about it still. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nuskin Enhancer Skin Conditioning

This is my very own feet . On and off  I am having this problems still .. when it is very itchy I will using this enhancer on my problematic skin.. it doesn't heals my leg but it helps to give my very dry skin moisture and it helps thus helping me to sooth the skin . When it is well moisture it actually helps to reduce my itchiness and stretching too.. I am really in love with this skin conditioning gel. I bring it with me wherever I go in my handbag!

Well another of my friend told me that she use this gel for her pimples and it is very effective too to help sooth the pimples and it goes aways faster. Well you may give it a try on your pimples if you want to.

You may email me if you wanna know how to get it yourself at distributor price.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Camping at Hutan Lipur Lentang

It is our second camping this time and we are all gear up with our own tent this round. The last round we were renting it from the Back to Nature in Malaysia. After the first camping we are ready for more camping so we decided to purchase our very own tent. 

Kids enjoying running around and playing water in the stream, mommy enjoy foods, friends and activities together, daddy enjoy playing fire (don't play play his fire survived through out the night till morning even with two times raining. Just for them to sleep and play inside the tent they are already super happy!! kids are simple and easy actually!!!

Kids really enjoyed a lot outdoor activity like this, and this is very educational activities for our city kids that almost everyday playing with gadgets. Back to nature is a good idea for them to back to basic as well. It is a great family activities as well as a group activities. And it is good for them to experience themselves than learning through pictures only, they actually see giant spider and variety of animals and insects alive!! :) yeah, not like our own childhood time that we get to play in the longkang to catch longkang fish already!! 

For less hassle we actually went with Back to Nature in Malaysia for the first time at Sg Congkak and this is our second time with them to Hutan Lipur Lentang. Calvin is the owner of Back to Nature in Malaysia, he organised the whole trips for us including foods. Calvin is funny and very friendly. He and his helper cooking is good too (same with his goal natural and yummy) So as a beginner camper it is much easier for us because we have less things think worry about. If you are beginner and thinking to try camping only without spending a bomb for that you can also opt to rent the tent from him too. You may go to his facebook to join one of his 2 day 1 night parent-kids camping trips that schedule on weekend and holiday. It is a good options for you to consider about. Calvin also has juggle trekking / hiking for us too, can you imagine 28 kids went on hiking?? hahahaha

(ops.. got his phone number here too, you can call him to check his camping trips if you want) 

As for us, we actually doing it private with him, yeah we have 12 families this times and he is like cooking a kenduri each meal. hahaha :P 

Ok talk about this camp site, it has a lot of rocks here and there (really huge one) and the place is quite big as we cant accomodate all 12 families at the same zone, so we have 3 different zone and 1 cooking area. so you can imagine how wild our kids can run?? it is also a good thing for them to explore the forest too in a way :) It is hot and humid maybe due to a lot of tree covering it up and no much wind. The water stream is good and safe for kids to play with (just is muddy due to raining the time we went).

Location: It is accessible from Karak Highway (waze: Lentang Recreational Forest)
activities: camping, playing water in the stream, hiking, juggle trekking, bbq
entrance fees: RM2 / adult 
Camping fees: if you go with Back to Nature Malaysia then this will taken care by them, if not you will need to pay yourself when enter the entrance (fees unknown - should be less than RM20 per camp)

Thursday, August 24, 2017


The last round I went to the United State I purchased this Lightshine Lip Plumping Balm. The moment I start using it I already fall in love with this product. Yeah this product is not available in Malaysia yet. I am not a lipstick or lip gloss person, very seldom I put anything on my lips.. sometimes when I have a full make up, often I will forgotten about my lips too.. But after I start using this Lightshine Lip Plumping Balm. I will remember and keep wearing it on. Why? 

1. the appearance of the lips looks full and lightly glossy feeling
2. the minty feeling on my lips make me feel sexy and I like that sensation on my lips

from the picture above you can see very obviously change is the texture of the surface of my lips.. it become smoother and less wrinkles.. looks fullers.. it is just one apply you can see this changes.. 

after using for sometimes, I feel that even not wearing it my lips condition improved too. 

somehow I am really in love with this product!!! 

If you would like to get this yourself too you may leave me a message at contact me so I can teach you how to get it urself. :) 
Contact Me Form







    Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    Nuskin Enhancer Review

    This is my own lips.. I have this allergy lips once in a while.. what cause this problem am really not sure.. when allergy attack my lips, it will get very dry at the edges of the lips and it start pealing skins and when it get to an extend that when i open my mouth wide, I will feel it cracks and pain.. it can get serious sometimes until bleeding if i didn't treat it as soon as I can when this problem occurs.. Usually I will need to see doctor to get some oilment to treat this condition, until one day i tried this Enhancer Skin Conditioning . it heals in about 2 days time.. what i did is just keep applying to the edges of the lips.. the same lips problem my son who is 8 years old also encounter too.. so the same thing I did applied to his lips and it gets better in 2 days... 

    this is really a very good skin conditioning gel that my whole family is using it for.. 

    hubby: use it for sunburn after his jogging (he dislike apply sun block)
    kids: apply when got mozzie bites and skin dryness
    me: other than use on the lips actually I use it on my ezema too.. its help to calm and sooth my skins and reduce itchiness very effectively..

    So now I am in love with another product that make my lips look healthier and juicer.. I will share it in another post maybe in the short future. 

    Monday, August 7, 2017

    Kobe Gyu Taku Yakiniku Restaurant Review

    Every now and then me and my hubby will go around to have our date nights while hunting for some nice and yummy food around Kuala Lumpur.

    Beef BBQ is one of my Favourite food now.. and not easy to find one that had really nice and fresh beef around.. This is one of the best I tested at KL . 

    Have you tried MATSUZAKA Beef before? It is more expensive than Kobe but also taste much better than Kobe too.. :) I strongly recommend it to you if you are a beef lover.. :) 

     Freshly BBQ without any marination is the best way to eat Beef... 
     oh my.. i am so in love with this beef tongue meet.. (oh well some might not dare to try after listen to the name but trust me it is really very very good..)
     fresh beef
    their sashimi is very fresh too!!!

    Address: No.52, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya, Selangor. 
    Contact Info: 03-5638 2923

    Saturday, August 5, 2017

    I am Back!!!

    Hello.. I am back and looks my kids are all grown up already.. I am very happy and release that they are healthy and all grown up well.. They are now going to be 8, 6, 4.. time flies right??

    You might be curious on what I am busy with now.. ok other than become a mommy.. that need to jaga them.. fetch them.. be a massager.. be a reader.. be a listener to their stories.. I also ventured into my own business path.. which I think is also a very big breakthrough for my life.. 

    I wish to share more as and when I have time to.. :) Just would like to do an update I AM BACK!!!!

    Monday, January 12, 2015

    Bak Kua (Chinese Pork Jerky) Recipe

    Bak Kua is a tradisional chinese new year food but recent years the price of the bak kua increased so much!!! Last year, I start making my first ever homemade bak kua.. but I didn't manage to post any here to share with you all... I get this recipe last year from a friend she shared online from Bake for Happy Kids.. so my first trial to attempt this was last year.. so this year CNY is approaching and I bought 2kg of pork and minced myself and made Bak Kua!! 

    Ingredients (adapt from the recipe above but i modify the marinates a bit here and there)
    Mince pork (I prefer less fat one) - 1kg 
    Sugar - 160g 
    Light Soy Sauce - 2 Tbsp
    Chinese Rice Wine - 1 Tbsp 
    Thai fish sauce - 1 Tbsp 
    Oyster Sauce - 2 Tbsp 
    Dark Caramel sauce - 1 Tsp 
    Five spice powder - a bit (depend on your own favor) 
    Pepper - a bit (up to you how much u like) 
    Salt - 1 Tsp 
    Honey - 3 tbsp 
    Sesame oil - 2 Tbsp

    How to make?

    1. Mixed all ingredients together in a big bowl and stir with a pair of chopsticks clockwise until it become gluey or sticky.. 
    2. then wrap the bowl and put inside fridge to marinate for few hours
    3. Preheat oven at 160C
    4. Spread the marinated minced pork on the baking tray with fingers and tap to very thin piece
    5. put inside preheated oven and bake for around 13-15minutes. 
    6. removed out the pork from oven let it cool a bit and increase the oven temp to 220C and change to Grill function. collect the little oil on the surface for later use.
    7. Cut the pork into desire size and shape 
    8. put inside oven to grill for 1-2 min then take out and turn it over and continue grill for another 1min or less (watch it don't let it burn) then take out and turn it up again and sapu the oil collected in step 6 above and put it to grill until golden brown and a little burnt. 

     (step 5 above)
     (Step 6 - this is how it look like after bake)
    I cut it into these and grill in batches later.. coz i made big batches at one go.. 
    yummy bak kua almost done.. 
     This is the little oil i collected at step 6.
    taa daa... bak kua ready to serve.. :) 

    Thursday, January 8, 2015

    Abandon Blog

    Recently when conversation with friends or friend's friends... they will say well your blog is very famous and even their friend at oversea is reading it... I am a little bit surprise.. since i had like almost abandon my blog here.. very very seldom update yet someone will say they know about my blog.. feel happy and yet guilty at the same times as I got no much time updating here... there are a few reasons why I am so quiet here.. 

    no.1: busy - am really with my works, and kids... 
    no.2: I start to concern about security and exposure.. well you know our society today are very different from the day I start blogging many years ago.. it is so dangerous to be expose too much in the public internet.. 
    no.3: priority changed - time management changed.. focus on what's more important at the moment of time... so blogging become least important and thus seldom blog already..

    I will try my best to keep updating here.. I promised :) this is 1 of my 2015 new year resolution.. 

    I got something which i appreciate a lot happened in year 2014.. it change my life.. I will share that on my next post.. :) 


    The last round I went to the United State I purchased this Lightshine Lip Plumping Balm. The moment I start using it I already fall in lo...